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Human Resource Service


BrizHR is widely known for its Hr recruitment service. We provide the best talent to any organization as per their requirement. Recently we expand our recruitment bandwidth in different sectors. We hire for IT to Non-IT sectors and covered all the regions in India.

The need for Human resource service

We deliver new and experienced talents in all sectors and industries. Majorly, our services include the following –

1. Recruitment

We are the leading professional recruitment agency in India, providing recruitment consultancy & employment services for over 10 years. We provide a talented workforce at every level of the organization. Our team connects the organizations with the most suited candidates around the globe.


2. Staffing

We aim at providing flexible staffing solutions to the clients so they could reduce their headcount. Our team experts at providing such help for a variety of industries.


3. Consulting

We provide the HR Consulting Projects which cover a variety of specific HR needs like encompasses workforce planning, organization structuring, policy handbooks vision & mission structuring, compensation benchmarking, and more than many businesses struggle to address.

4. Assessment

We help our client for assessing the best fit candidate for the job role. We help organizations by conducting psychometric tests that help them assess the individual on different parameters. 


5. HR Outsourcing

This refers to Recruitment Process Outsourcing or Bulk Hiring, where the organizations need numerous dedicated employees, within a shorter and limited time frame. 

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