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Subtitling Services


Brizhr offers manual subtitling service and multilingual audiovisual subtitling services for our clients. Our professional subtitle editors carefully and accurately transcribe, format, and match the timing of the dialogue.


We have a high rate of customer satisfaction because of our quality service. We provide Dubbing And Subtitling, Subtitling Localization, Pre-Recorded Subtitling, and many more. We have 1000+ certified subtitles who offer transcription in 100+ languages.

The need for Subtitling Services

Nowadays, Subtitling services are a must for any video with an international audience. Subtitling allows the viewers to understand the content precisely what is being shown in the video.


If the viewers don’t understand the language being spoken in the video, subtitling helps them grasp. Without subtitles, it would be impossible for viewers to understand the intended meaning of the video.

  • Makes videos more accessible:  Subtitling makes videos more accessible to a wider audience. Not only to foreign-language speakers, but it makes the video available for people having a hearing disability as well. So anyone can watch the video freely without sound.

  • Adds value to the video: Subtitles not only make viewers understand the content, but also it can help them increase their English language proficiency. It helps them understand regional accents and slang.

  • Visual becomes appealing: The usage of subtitles makes your videos easier to grasp for a wider audience. It makes your number of audiences grow, increases engagement, and even improve your video search rankings.

  • Videos with subtitles are more preferred by the audience and have longer viewing times.  This can increase your video share as well.

Signing a Contract
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