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Brizhr offers high-quality transcriptions of audio, video, or documents in a variety of languages to its client. We provide polished Transcription Services to eliminate the linguistics barrier, which becomes a major obstacle to the success path. Our Transcription Services helps our client to boost the sale, increase ROI, and access to the global market. We have 1000+ certified transcribers experts who offer transcription in 50+ languages. 

The need for Transcription Services 

There are various companies storing information in the form of videos and audios. But there are times when they need to be converted to a text document. This can be achieved through transcription services. Most companies need mandatory business transcripts in order to function smoothly and avoid any kind of disputes. Benefits of using transcription include improved business efficiency, a smooth level of understanding, and less stress.

•    Written Documentation: Professions like law firms, healthcare, authors, entrepreneurs require written documentation of the videos and audios such as witness depositions, lectures, speeches, and the list is endless. This is where transcription services come in handy.

•    Increase in sales: Transcription acts like a reliable proof of commitment to your customers. When your customers get the transcript document in their native language, they will consider you trustworthy, which will boost your sales and attract more customers.

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